West Atomic Alliance

West Atomic Alliance (WAA) is a consortium that is being built to takeover Ringhals 1 nuclear power reactor. The purpose of the consortium is to send an acquisition offer to Ringhals AB and prevent the early closure of the reactor scheduled at the end of 2020. WAA invites legitimate state-owned and private entities to join to the consortium.

A mandatory member of the consortium will be a qualified nuclear power plant operator. State-owned entities in countries with forward-looking peaceful nuclear energy programs and private entities from the EU, the UK, the US and Canada are considered as potential partners.

The consortium is being formed by an external organizer, Metheus Energy AB. Metheus Energy is responsible for promoting the goals of the consortium among concerned parties, gathering market intelligence, inviting potential members, managing membership agreements, building an advisory board, and providing related necessary services to the members.

The advisory board consist of highly credentialed individuals with relevant backgrounds in areas such as nuclear science, safety, operation, and regulatory compliance.

Once the offer accepted by Ringhals AB, the consortium will be turned into a Swedish company that will own the reactor.

Advisory Board

Waclaw Gudowski


Prof. in Reactor Physics at the National Center of Nuclear Research, Poland;
Prof. em in Neutron and Reactor Physics at KTH, Stockholm;
Member of the Swedish Royal Academy of Engineering Sciences;
2000 – 2006: Director of the Nuclear Energy Technology Centre at KTH and Board Member of the Swedish Nuclear Technology Center

Imre Pazsit


Professor at the Division of Subatomic, High Energy and Plasma Physics, Department of Physics at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden;
Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences;
A fellow of the American Nuclear Society;
Honorary Editor of the journal Annals of Nuclear Energy;

Ramon Wyss


Prof. em. in Theoretical Nuclear Physics at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm;
Received ‘Edlundska Prize’ in 1995;
2010-2014: Member of EIT InnoEnergy supervisory board;
2006-2016: vice president of KTH in charge of international education;
Served as evaluator for the Finnish Academy of Science research within nuclear and particle physics.;

Kjell Ringdahl


Graduated in reactor technology at CTH in 1993;
Worked at Ringhals for 15 years mainly with licensing issues and power increase;
Joined EON in 2009 to Fennovoima project in Finland;
2011 – 2014 worked for Vattenfall with licensing issues within SVEA;
2014 – July 2020: Director of LRA at Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation;